January 2012 News

<13/1/2012> - Qsopia is an exciting new suite of apps for Android mobile devices. It consists of a collection of health and wellness apps that can be easily accessed from its main Mobile Wellness app. Designed to turn a mobile device into a personal wellness dashboard, it conveniently allows users to monitor and track their health indicators while providing practical health tips and reminders to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Qsopia makes it fun to get healthy with its lively and user-friendly interface. It even gives users the option of customizing their own avatar and sharing their journey with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

The first of its health and wellness apps is BMI Buzz. BMI Buzz is an app that monitors the user’s BMI by reminding the user to update his or her height and weight information at a chosen frequency. It then cautions the user about any potential health risks the user may have, and offers relevant advice.

In conjunction with the introduction of the new wellness apps, Qsopia launched its website on <13/1/2012> at www.qsopia.com. In addition to product information and news, the website complements the apps with an index of health articles. The articles range from short, easy-to-understand write-ups of health conditions to encouraging, practical tips and suggestions to improve one’s overall health and wellness.

The Qsopia apps are available for free from the Android Market. Several other companion apps are being designed and will be available in the future.

December 2011 News

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