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Introducing Qsopia, a way for people to be proactive in managing their health and wellness by transforming their personal mobile devices into an intelligent health monitoring system.

"Prevention is better than cure." This phrase has been said so many times that it has become a cliché; however, this phrase may be more relevant today than ever. The rising cost of healthcare is a growing concern for people around the world. It may not be an exaggeration to presume that one day, only the rich will have access to healthcare.

It’s time that we take charge of our health. We should visit our doctors for advice on maintaining our health, rather than only visiting them when we have fallen ill. But doctors cannot be at our beck and call whenever we need an update on our health. What if we could monitor our health continuously, similar to how we monitor the condition of our car. When we drive, we can see at a glance the engine temperature, the speed of the car, and the fuel level from the dashboard. What if we could do the same to monitor our health? What if we could have a dashboard that lets us know the state of our health, identify the health risks that we can monitor and avoid, and offer simple advices about health to help us prevent diseases?

Wonder no further because Qsopia turns the mobile device into a wellness dashboard. You have your mobile device wherever you go, so what better way to monitor your health than from your mobile device? Instead of being a passive health system, Qsopia encourages you to be actively involved in maintaining your health by allowing you to monitor your present health status, track your progress as you make positive changes to your lifestyle, and diagnose possible health issues to act upon. In other words, Qsopia lets you be actively involved in taking care of your health that’s simple, interactive, and fun, using an intelligent system that you access from your mobile device.

"Prevention is better than cure." We truly believe in this phrase, and we truly believe Qsopia offers you a better strategy for healthcare, today and into the future.

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